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Maintaining your floor

1. Never use masking tape on a stained concrete floor.

2. Clean floor with fresh water. never use detergents as they will cloud the sealer

3. Additional coats of a sealer can be applied to the floor at any time to give it a fresh shine and protect the floor from wear. The frequency of application depends on traffic. In a residence, we recommened a coat in the traffic areas approximately once every 4-6 months. Commercial buildings may require additional coats monthly or even more depending on your traffic but should be applied at least per quarter to maintain the floors finish and protection.

4. Use zep high traffic floor finish and rayon mop (blue&white) from home depot. Follow the directions on the container.

5. Keeping the floor clean on a daily basis is best accomplished by using a dust mop. DO NOT use a "swifter" as this mop contains a chemical to attract dust that will eventuall cloud your sealer. For beat results a slightly damp mop or regular dust mop will keep floor and minimize scratching.

6. Do not lay rubber backed mats on a stained concrete floor. The rubber will stick to the sealer. You can place an old bed sheet or other directly on the floor and they lay the rubber backed mat over them to protect the floor. when using carpet pads under the area rugs, be sure to use high quality pads.The inexpensive pads have a high amount of rubber in them and will also stick to your floor.

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